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USC Signs Historic Agreement with State of São Paulo

The USC delegation to Brazil was received in the governor’s palace by a number of officials from the state of São Paulo, including Edmur Mesquita, Secretary of Metropolitan Development; Edson Aprecido, chief of staff to the governor (vice governor) and an elected member of congress in the Brazilian government; and Renato Pires de Carvalho Viegas, president of Emplaza, a company that works with the government of São Paulo on economic development.

USC President C. L. Max Nikias remarked on the commonalities that the cities of São Paulo and Los Angeles share, saying “Brazil and Southern California display some intriguing parallels at this moment in history.  Both are rich in history and culture and diversity.  Both serve as laboratories of the human societies of the future, and both have major roles to play in the years ahead.”

Secretary Mesquita remarked during the ceremony that “we are proud of our partnership with USC and hope that together we can bring a better future to the people of Brazil.”

Edson Apreciado mentioned that São Paulo is emerging as the third largest metropolitan area in the world following Tokyo and New Delhi.

Photo: From left to right, USC Trustees Frank Cruz, David Dornsife, John Mork, and Ed Roski; Dean Jack Knott of the USC Price School of Public Policy; USC President C. L. Max Nikias; Vice Governor Edson Aprecido; Secretary Edmur Mesquita; Renato Pires de Carvalho Viegas; Diana Meirelles da Motta; Rodrigo Tavares.

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