A Message to USC and CHLA Communities

April 3, 2023 

Dear USC and CHLA Communities, 

We are writing to share wonderful news that USC is establishing a new research collaboration with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) to improve biomedical research and innovation. It will be funded by the annual proceeds from a $40 million legacy gift from USC’s endowment dedicated to this purpose.  

For nearly a century, USC has enjoyed a special relationship with CHLA, whose physicians are faculty of the Keck School of Medicine of USC. Dedicated physicians and researchers at USC and CHLA have a proven track record of collaborating to build healthy futures for children. We are united in one purpose – to develop interventions, new treatments, and cures in smarter, more agile ways. Today’s announcement builds on that legacy and will improve health care, benefitting millions of children and adults living in Los Angeles County – and beyond. 

Our deep gratitude extends to the late inventor, physicist, engineer, and USC Trustee Alfred E. Mann, whose vision and determination inspired this new initiative. It was his generous gift to USC many years ago that created the opportunity for this joint research collaboration. Mann was a lifelong problem-solver and innovator. He also had a singular focus – and a great and rare talent – for taking technology in directions no one had considered and for creating solutions no one thought possible. 

We offer heartfelt appreciation to the Alfred E. Mann Charities and Alfred E. Mann Foundation for Biomedical Engineering for growing our biomedical research capacity. Working closely with their directors, Mike Dreyer and Anoosheh Bostani, who are also treasured members of the CHLA Foundation Board of Trustees, we’ve seen firsthand the foundation’s deeply held vision for improving public health and ensuring innovation. We are grateful for both the foundation’s support and adaptability; this $40 million endowment fund now affords USC and CHLA more opportunities for trailblazing research.  

He always kept a keen eye on improving the future and our collaboration stands as tribute to his prescience and dedication. We encourage you to learn more about Mann’s inspiring life here

With a groundbreaking gift of this size to USC, the possibilities to improve the health of children are vast:  

  • USC and CHLA have an extraordinary roster of medical professionals who can use their curiosity and determination to make important discoveries through biomedical research. 
  • We can accelerate the speed of innovation from bench to bedside, ensuring the next generation of clinicians has access to the best tools, facilities, and ideas. 
  • USC can also enhance its biomedical research and innovation across many of its schools, which are already fortunate to benefit from Mann’s legacy – including the newly named USC Alfred E. Mann School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and the USC Viterbi School of Engineering’s Alfred E. Mann Department of Biomedical Engineering. 

We are grateful to USC’s Board of Trustees and CHLA Foundation Board of Trustees; leaders from USC Health Sciences, Keck School of Medicine of USC, and CHLA; and our dedicated team of clinicians, researchers, and staff members across both institutions who are making this incredible vision a reality.  

The USC Alfred E. Mann–CHLA Joint Research Fund allows us to share bold ambitions that build on Mann’s legacy of transformative, life-saving work to improve the human condition. Ultimately, our shared efforts are a testament to the power of connection – between a visionary entrepreneur’s generosity and two recognized leaders in medical research. This enduring link now allows us to continue our important work, leading to even greater discoveries to improve the lives of children – and the adults they will become. 


Carol L. Folt

Paul S. Viviano
President and CEO, CHLA