A Year Together Apart and a Salute to Staff: Spring 2021

Innovation and Discovery

COVID-19 may have made 2020 an untraditional academic year, but it brought out the best in many of our faculty, staff and students. Educators switched to remote teaching and came up with ways to keep students engaged and curious online. Staff provided vital resources to keep the university’s mission going, whether digitally or through in-person support. And students created new events and mentoring opportunities to keep connecting. See just a few of their successes below.

USC Professor Jack Feinberg uses a physics kit to build circuits for an online class in electricity and magnetism.

When physics students couldn’t go to class, this professor mailed class to them

Longtime educator Jack Feinberg came up with fun kits to ship to students so they could still do physics experiments at home. It’s in his nature.

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Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson visits Christian Grose‘s class

How can we fix democracy? USC students embrace expert advice from around the country

When his USC Dornsife class on political reform had to move online, Christian Grose arranged for exclusive guest speakers, including Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson.

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Sirisha Mohan, a family medicine doctor, meets with a patient via video call

Expect more virtual house calls from your doctor thanks to telehealth revolution

A slow march toward online doctor visits and other digital innovations in health care turned into an all-out sprint amid COVID-19.

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USC first-year-students visit with a virtual mentor

Virtual mentors bring the campus experience to remote first-year students

When classes moved online, the USC students set to be RAs were left wondering: Who do you assist when there aren’t any residents? Enter the virtual peer mentors.

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Los Angeles City Fire Captain Leon Dunn takes a rapid antigen test as Mayor Eric Garcetti observes

USC collaborates with L.A. city and county to explore use of rapid COVID-19 testing

Researchers are using rapid antigen tests with first responders who volunteered for the study. A second phase will focus on school-aged children, teachers and staff.

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USC Cinema students collaborate on Zoom

USC film students shake off Zoom fatigue by animating themselves

Classmates in the USC School of Cinematic Arts’ animation division collaborate to make visual magic on the commonly used video meeting platform.

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USC professor’s DIY online teaching hack to engage students goes viral

Emily Nix wants to excite and captivate the students in her economics course this fall. With less than $60 in materials, here’s what she cooked up.

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The four-legged robot that can crawl, clean and fight COVID

A team of USC master’s students creates a disinfection robot to use on COVID-19 prevention.

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Largest, most diverse prostate cancer study in history shows genetic role in health disparities

The research — co-led by the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center — identified 86 new genetic variations that increase the risk of prostate cancer.

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