President Folt Video Post Transcript March 24, 2020

Hello, everyone. I just wanted to reach out today to say hello. I am missing seeing everybody. I’m missing all the action and the hustle and bustle of being on our campus. And like all of you, I cannot wait till we’re back in full swing. I am so grateful to all of you. I am grateful to the faculty and the staff who worked so hard to get 7,000 classes online, and I’m grateful to the students.

This isn’t easy, and I know that you’re facing disappointments. But you’ve been showing such understanding and compassion, everyone, as we’re trying to really do the best that we can and adjust to these changing circumstances.

And our employees across all of our universities, functions and schools, they are doing their best to work at home. Some of them are coming in to do essential services, and we could not be more grateful. I want to mention the people that are working in healthcare, all of those people in our hospitals and clinics, they’re on the front line and they are never stopping and always thinking about all of us.

So we’ll continue to communicate with you. I just sent an email out that has some really critical updates, so I really hope you’ll read them. We’re trying to update things as quickly as we can. Of course, the landscape’s changing. So I just ask you look at the updates often because sometimes things have changed in ways that you really have been asking about, and we’re doing our best to stay in touch.

I also just want you to do the best that you can to keep your own spirits up. We’ll find new ways to communicate with each other. We’ll keep in touch, and I really do believe that together we can make this period of time, a time that we can learn and we can help each other so that when we’re back in full swing, we will be the full Trojan Family that we always have been. So thank you. I’ll get in touch more when I have better capacity to do it and I figure out my own video conferencing. But I just want to say again, thank you and Fight On.